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Breaking: Supreme Court Announces… Nothing On Same-Sex Marriage, Again

by David Badash on December 3, 2012

in Marriage,News

Post image for Breaking: Supreme Court Announces… Nothing On Same-Sex Marriage, Again

The Supreme Court was expected to announce this morning whether or not it would hear any of several cases related to same-sex marriage, including the Prop 8 case, and any one or all of several cases related to the constitutionality of DOMA, the Defense of Marriage Act of 1996 that bans the federal government from recognizing same-sex marriages.

They did not make any mention of these cases in their “orders list.”

The Court originally was expected to make the announcement on November 20, then on the 30th, then this morning.

The next scheduled opportunity will be Friday morning.

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BJLincoln December 3, 2012 at 10:58 am

I figured they were waiting for the election to see what happens. We won! So what is the problem now? Is it that hard to make a decision? Or are they trying to figure out how to ignore the proof and word it in such a way that it doesn't sound too "Christianeeze"? They do know we are all waiting don't they? With that many cases on one issue, one would think at least one case would have made it by now.

Coxhere December 4, 2012 at 7:54 am

This court delays because it knows it'll be called "activist" when it takes a case and renders an appropriate judgment. The court also delays just to keep Gay Americans second-class citizens for as long as possible.

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