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Christie Errupts: ‘It Was The Speaker’s Decision — His Alone’ To Squash Sandy Relief Bill

by David Badash on January 2, 2013

in News

Post image for Christie Errupts: ‘It Was The Speaker’s Decision — His Alone’ To Squash Sandy Relief Bill

Chris Christie today said “all I can tell you is it was the Speaker’s decision — his alone” to squash a vote on funding relief to Hurricane Sandy victims last night. The New Jersey Governor did not hold his anger or contempt for Congressional leadership back, and named names loud and repeatedly. The superstorm hit nine weeks ago, yet not a penny has been appropriated. The House was supposed to vote on Sandy relief last night, but at the last minute Speaker John Boehner pulled the hurricane relief bill from a vote.

READ: Chris Christie Erupts Over Boehner’s Refusal To Vote On Relief For Sandy Victims

Stating “this is 66 days and counting,” Christie noted other major disaster that were funded in days or weeks, not months. Christie in his afternoon press conference said things like politicization of disaster relief is “why Americans hate Congress.” “Unlike people in Congress,” and New York Governor Cuomo and he “have actual responsibilities,” noting funding disaster relief is a “basic function of government.”

Christie noted he spent most of New Year’s Eve rounding up votes to get the bill passed, and said he was assured the vote was going to be held after the fiscal cliff vote, which was late last night.

“There is only one person to blame for the continued suffering of innocent people, and that is… John Boehner.” He added that Boehner’s pulling the bill was “irresponsible” and said this is “the toxic politics of Congress.”

Republicans use “the citizens of the country like pawns on a chess board.”

Christie added that he called John Boehner four times last night but the Speaker did not take his calls.

“Governor Cuomo and I are not wallflowers. We are not shrinking violets.”

“He can prove to me he really does care about the people of New York and New Jersey by getting this package done.”

“We sent them there, not to play around with each other… I believe it’s not a regional thing, I believe they are so concerned with their internal politics they forgot they have a job to do,” Christie told reporters, adding, “they’re caught up in their own politics of this fake fiscal cliff, they forget we sent them there.”

“I’m not dealing with the Tea Party,” Christie said, cutting off a reporter who mentioned them.

When one reported stated, “This fiscal cliff debate was a huge, epic battle,” Christie cut him off, responding, “Really? A huge, epic battle?”

Responses on Twitter were astonishing, calling Christie the next President of the U.S. “Gov Christie” was trending worldwide on the social media platform.

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clr1390 January 2, 2013 at 3:10 pm

Missouri, and Oaklahoma..2 very conservative states……Those people hate the government and say they want cuts…Until the floods, or hurricanes come and wash them all away. Then they are the ones standing there with their hand stretched out demanding money. Everyone wants cuts. But when the cuts do not count their needs at the time thy do not care.

z1queenie January 2, 2013 at 5:28 pm

Maybe Boehner squashed the bill because it contained $150 million for fishery disaster areas in Mississippi and Alaska and $20,000 for a new car for the Inspector General of the Justice Department;
$33.2 million for eight projects in the state of Senate Energy and Water Appropriations Subcommittee Ranking Member Harry Reid (D-Nev.); $16.8 million for seven projects in the state of Senate Energy and Water Appropriations Subcommittee member Robert Byrd (D-W.Va.).

There's a lot more, but this was what I found on a quick Google search. Chris Christie needs to think before he shoots his mouth off.

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