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Post image for Latest GOP Pandering: Republicans Float Laughable Version Of DREAM Act

Latest GOP Pandering: Republicans Float Laughable Version Of DREAM Act

by David Badash on November 16, 2012

in News,Politics

It took conservatives a mere 90 minutes past President Obama‘s 1:30 AM Election Day victory speech to float the idea of improving outreach to the Hispanic community, the group widely credited, along with LGBTs, of propelling President Obama to a second term. That’s “outreach, not actually, “Hey, we care about Hispanics.” Outreach is marketing, not actually caring and wanting them to be equal partners in the American dream.

Now, on the same day that Fox News equates “the Hispanic vote” with stock footage of people “crossing the border illegally,” Republican Senators are “floating” their version of the DREAM Act, called “ACHIEVE,” which they’ve leaked to none other than Tucker Carlson’s radical Tea Party-driven Daily Caller, so you can see their mentality with this from the get-go.

Let’s remember, these are the Republican Senators who vehemently opposed the actual DREAM Act.

In fact, when it came to a vote in the Senate last year, some Republican Senators “who had supported the bill in the past, including Sen. John Cornyn of Texas, Jon Kyl of Arizona, John McCain of Arizona, and Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, withheld their votes, objecting that such a bill should not be granted without increasing immigration enforcement,” despite the fact that President Obama has deported more “illegal aliens” than any other President.

Let’s remember the GOP is the party that suggested, thanks to their leader Mitt Romney, that “illegals” could be made to “self-deport” if President Romney made their lives hell. And let’s remember the GOP is the party that said, thanks to their religious king-maker, Bryan Fischer, that Hispanics are “socialists by nature.”

But now, Republicans have their own DREAM Act, the draconian ACHIEVE Act, that they are using only to try to gain the Latino vote.

How much does the GOP actually care about Hispanics? Their GOP Hispanics website hasn’t been updated in a month.

How ludicrous is this?

Over at the extremely conservative Hot Air, Allahpundit notes:

I can’t understand why Senate Democrats would agree to this. Republicans are in a panic over the Latino vote; liberals have never had them in a more vulnerable position than they do now. If you’re Harry Reid or Chuck Schumer, why let the GOP off easy by settling for a limited amnesty that helps Republicans repair their image with Latinos while legalizing only a subset of the illegal population? Why not drive the hardest bargain you can and go for broke with full-blown comprehensive immigration reform? If the DREAM Act passes, it might embolden some GOP fencesitters into voting no later on a comprehensive bill on the theory that they’ve already done their duty by compromising on immigration. If I were Reid, I’d tell McConnell et al. that there’s no deal on DREAM unless it’s bundled into an omnibus immigration bill that addresses illegals of all ages.

Even conservatives think this is ludicrous. What will progressives and, more importantly, Hispanics think?


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