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Maddow: GOP’s ‘Awkward’ Positions On ‘The Gay’ Will ‘Come Crashing Down’ Maybe Monday

by David Badash on June 15, 2013

in Marriage,News,Politics

Post image for Maddow: GOP’s ‘Awkward’ Positions On ‘The Gay’ Will ‘Come Crashing Down’ Maybe Monday

Rachel Maddow last night explored the “awkward” stance almost every Republican politician has taken on LGBT civil rights, which, she says, has “bewildered” the rest of America. Starting with Texas governor Rick Perry winning the war on the war on Christmas by signing a bill making it “not illegal” to say “Merry Christmas” in schools (a bill, by the way, that is likely unconstitutional — see our discussion here) to Ralph Reed‘s Faith & Freedom Coalition‘s “Road to Majority” conference this weekend, which, Maddow noted, mockingly, lobbied Congress this week “on the evils of gay marriage and the darkness that will be unleashed on the land if the court rules in a pro-gay way.”

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But Republicans can no longer feel safe talking about gay people the way they have in the past, says Maddow.

“Republican politicians are about to lose the luxury of only talking about gay rights in front of anti-gay audiences like the Faith & Freedom Coalition, or avoiding the question altogether because they don’t want to be quoted about it because their Republican position on the subject is so unpopular,” the MSNBC anchor reveals.

“Because in Republican world — it is a very different world than most of us live in when it comes to talking about ‘The Gay,’” Maddow rightly notes.

“Nobody who has any real prospects of being a national leader in Republican politics in the next few years has anything other than a 100 percent anti-gay policy position on something like non-discrimination,” Maddow added. “That is apparently still a requirement if you are a Republican and you want to hold higher national office.”

But all that is about to change, and the ability to be anti-gay and continue to hold elected office will “come crashing down on the Republican Party,” Maddow predicts, when the Supreme Courts hands down its rulings on two historic marriage cases, Prop 8 and DOMA, which “many court observers” she says, believe could be this Monday.

(Note: the Monday possibility is pure speculation and we are wholly unaware of anyone willing to prognosticate on this. The conventional wisdom is the rulings will come down on a Monday or Thursday, per SCOTUS norms, between now and June 27.)

“After these rulings come out, this is going to be the biggest news in the country,” Maddow concluded. “They’re going to have to talk to the rest of the country, too, increasingly not only against them on these issues but bewildered by them and their positions on these issues.”

I urge you to spend the fourteen minutes to watch this entire segment. It’s excellent and totally worth your time. There’s lot’s of good stuff all the way through.

Like, Ken Blackwell who happens to be African-American and whose troubled past didn’t preclude him from being paid big bucks by the hate group Family Research Council, telling a Congressman if the Supreme Court rules in favor of the LGBT community there will be mass civil rights disobedience protests “reminiscent of the Civil Rights Movement,” nationwide.

Who knew.

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TrevorHorton June 15, 2013 at 2:07 pm

Maddow is great but I'm not sure how awkward conservatives will find a Supreme Court decision favoring marriage equality. Historically, conservatives pivot very rapidly on an issue when another branch of government says they have no choice but to conform. It will begin as "I don't agree with it but the Supreme Court has spoken…" and it will eventually become "Well, we conservatives have always supported freedom and it should be no surprise that we invented equality and freedom for Gays, Women, Blacks, etc." and conservatives can all agree that "yes, its consistent with our values so how could we have been anything other than supportive of freedom and equality." As long as no one brings up their past opinions, we have a happy group of conservatives. Its also not impossible to function without resolving contradictions. A good example of this would be Republicans who want to include women but have had to balance this with Evangelical conservatives insisting on the God-ordained subordination of women. Michele Bachmann carried this contradiction throughout her Presidential campaign and simply refused to answer questions about it. Megan Kelly's challenge to Erick Ericson on Fox also demonstrated the unresolved tension but, revealingly, it did not lead to widespread outrage among Republicans to change their opinions about women. It's unresolved and remains unresolved. Conservatives candidates can actually benefit from a Supreme Court decision favoring Marriage Equality because it gives GOP candidates the freedom to tell anti-gay followers that they have not choice and allows them the freedom to avoid talking about a divisive issue.

dakotaoleary June 17, 2013 at 12:13 am

Ah yes, but historically, the Republican Party hasn't been in bed with evangelical Christian fundamentalists as deeply as they are now. They're party is about to go bust and there isn't a damned thing they can do about it, which is why they keep hammering the same way they always have about gay marriage, prayer in schools, etc. They literally can't change or they lose their base. I am loving it.

sdfrenchie June 17, 2013 at 4:16 am

The Republican Party apparently believes that more people are listening to them than there actually are. Lest we forget how powerful the Moral Majority thought it was previously and they soon found out they were not a majority in this country. The Tea Party is nothing more than a makeover of the Moral Majority with some of the same players but a lot more lunatics than before. Every time a group of American citizens is vying for its Constitutional rights their behavior becomes very vocal.

In the 60s they called hippie men "Long-haired hippie faggots" or "Pinko commie hippie faggots". When the Love Generation faded away, the boys out in the sticks started growing their hair long…with the approval of their parents.

The Republicans are really afraid of not having anyone to control when it comes to civil rights. They've lost the women and the gay votes for the most part and friends of women and gays will go against them as well.

Lastly, there was a local election in Los Angeles recently and only 20 per cent of the voters voted. That is not a good sign. That's how we wound up with eight years of George W., which is also how I started voting again. If we don't vote the Republicans out and they manage to hold a majority we may as well kiss freedom as we know it good-bye. They're chomping at the bits to be able to pass the bills that state courts won't let some of them pass right now. The worse states have right wing friends in the courts and are losing their rights one after another. It has to be stopped.

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