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Post image for NOM Wages War On ‘Orwellian’ Illinois Marriage Bill

NOM Wages War On ‘Orwellian’ Illinois Marriage Bill

by David Badash on February 26, 2013

in Marriage,News,Politics

NOM president Brian Brown today announced the National Organization For Marriage‘s war against an Illinois marriage equality bill that will be voted on in committee this afternoon.

READ: Illinois Could Be One Step Closer To Extending Marriage To Same-Sex Couples Today

Brown, NOM’s president, also noted that Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse is supposedly going to testify this afternoon at the Illinois Executive Committee’s hearing on the marriage bill.

After passing the Senate earlier this month, a same-sex marriage bill — under the Orwellian title of “Religious Freedom and Marriage Fairness Act” — will be heard in the House Executive Committee today.

If you can make it to Springfield, your presence will make a powerful statement, regardless of whether you choose to testify before the committee. NOM’s own Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse, head of the Ruth Institute, will be testifying. Please come early to meet Dr. Morse, and bring friends! Legislators need to know how much their constituents care about protecting marriage.

Brown also urged his supporters to email a Democrat on the committee. We urge you, especially if you’re an Illinois resident (or can forward this to one) to do the same, but ask them to urge Rep. Mayfield to support marriage equality.

Representative Rita Mayfield, a Democrat from Waukegan, has announced that she will be tallying emails received for and against same-sex marriage, and she will take that information seriously into account as she weighs her vote.

Please take a moment right now to send Rep. Mayfield a short messaging asking her to OPPOSE SAME-SEX MARRIAGE. Her email address is

Brown, NOM, and the anti-gay right-wing do a good job of mobilizing. We certainly need to at least match their efforts.

If you do reach out to Rep. Mayfield, please let her know that Dr. Roback Morse believes “Most young people are just drifting in the cultural soup of casual sex,” and recorded a Thanksgiving video last year warning parents that their children may know gay people in college.

Feel free to include the below quotes from Dr. Roback Morse, via GLAAD:

– Teaches that gays are to remain celibate; has admitted that this is what she wants churches to teach

– Says that “the parallels” between Nazi Germany and contemporary America “are really quite chilling” and what happened in Nazi Germany “is happening to us.” (0:18-0:35)

– Claims that if marriage equality becomes legal, “Fathers will be marginalized. They will be considered non-essential.”

– Despite polls that prove otherwise, says Catholics don’t really “accept the category of gayness.” (0:38-0:45)

– Says being gay is a “completely shameless activity.” (0:20-0:27)

– Has called marriage equality for same-sex couples “a hostile takeover of the whole civil society” (9:35-9:44)

– Claims “everybody who reads Genesis — everybody, Protestant, Catholic, Jew, Mormon — everybody who reads Genesis supported Prop 8” (1:35-1:52)

– Says the gay rights movement is “anti-human” and that “the job that religion does in most people’s lives, they are filling it up with Earth worship” (1:47-2:14)

– Has referred to same-sex marriage advocates as “enemies of the human body

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Mykelbarber February 26, 2013 at 1:16 pm

Dreadful, hateful, vile old bigot. Die already.

cplantin February 26, 2013 at 1:42 pm

If anything is ironic, it is the spectre of the National Organization for Marriage, which has one major function: to harm the institution of marriage by denying access to it to an entire class of people.

Huntercgo February 26, 2013 at 3:01 pm

Better yet, just send Rep. Mayfield this link:

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