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Obama On Benghazi: ‘If McCain And Graham Want To Go After Somebody They Should Go After Me’

by David Badash on November 14, 2012

in News,Politics

Post image for Obama On Benghazi: ‘If McCain And Graham Want To Go After Somebody They Should Go After Me’

President Obama today at the White House let reporters know that he would not allow any attacks on UN Ambassador Susan Rice for her comments during this year’s 9/11 attacks.

“If Senator McCain and Senator Graham want to go after somebody, they should go after me,” President Obama said confidently and with a tone of daring. “I’m happy to have that discussion with them. But for them to go after the U.N. ambassador? Who had nothing to do with Benghazi? To besmirch her reputation? It’s outrageous.”

Obama, at his first full press conference after the election, also noted that if anyone is going to go after Ambassador Rice “because they think she’s an easy target…then they’ve got a problem with me.”

One reporter, Molly Ball from The Atlantic, offered this take on the President today:

Video via TPM

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LOrion November 14, 2012 at 2:57 pm

OR as a tweep friend said: RT @PatricknSD: Breaking News: Senator McCain and Senator Graham are looking for their ass after 44 took a bite out of it, if found please call US Senate RT

LOVED the entire press conference. Having the blinkies thinking about how KOCHBot Romney would have answered the questions.

James_M_Martin November 14, 2012 at 9:59 pm

That sniveling little geek, Senator Linsey Graham, was the point man and semi-official liaison between conservatives in the House and Senate and aided them mightily in the unnecessary, costly, distracting impeachment of Bill Clinton. Enough of their dispersions! It is bad enough that McCain hypocritically finds inadequacies in an Obama-selected black female U.S. ambassador when he, McCain, chose as his running made an unknown no nothing white female from Alaska. He and Graham have been pals for a long time. McCain is a sore loser. Graham is a loss. His "Watergate" style investigation will cost taxpayers hundreds of millions and will keep us from getting progressive legislation passed since all attention will be focused on something as frivolous and Trumped up as a spot on a blue dress.

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