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Poll: Support For Gay Marriage Slightly Lower, Opposition Stronger

by David Badash on February 17, 2010

in Marriage,News,Polling

Post image for Poll: Support For Gay Marriage Slightly Lower, Opposition Stronger

In a just-released ABC News/Washington Post poll, support for same-sex marriage among Americans dropped slightly to 47% from 49%, but 50% say same-sex marriage should be “illegal,” (up from 46%.)  42% believe “strongly” that same-sex marriage should be illegal. Only 31% of those supporting marriage equality do so strongly.

The changes against an April, 2009 poll, from 47% to 49% and from 46% to 50% are somewhat disheartening, although close to the margin of error of plus or minus three percentage points. The Post calls support for marriage equality “steady.”

Here’s the good news:

“Two-thirds now say they favor allowing gay and lesbian couples to form civil unions that would give them many of the same legal rights as married couples. That’s an increase of 12 percentage points since a December 2007 poll that asked about civil unions for “homosexual couples.”

“In the new poll, support for civil unions is at 50 percent or better across party and ideological lines. Support for such arrangements is now 15 points higher than it was a few years ago among conservatives; it’s up 13 points among Republicans.”

In the new poll, a sharp age divide remains on the question, with younger adults broadly supportive of gay marriage while most seniors oppose it. A majority of those under age 30 say they feel strongly that gay marriages should be legal, marking the first time in Post-ABC polling that figure has topped 50 percent.

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Michael February 17, 2010 at 11:09 pm

This is why we should be pushing for civil unions now in every state which does not allow marriage equality. Yes, they are not equal, but they are something and something is better than nothing. In those states where radical anti-gay activists have corrupted state constitutions to prevent civil unions, we should be working to overturn those provisions.

Ryan J. Davis February 18, 2010 at 6:10 am

Amen Michael.

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