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The Supremes Have Killed DOMA. Now Comes The ‘Govertainment’

by Jean Ann Esselink on June 28, 2013

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The Supremes have ruled. The talking heads are talking, and that means ‘govertainment’ for the rest of us. Have a look at some of the crazier pronouncements from some of our country’s funniest comedians. Here are Pat Robertson, from the Far Right. Rick Santorum, from the Never Right. Stephen Colbert, from the Pretend Right. John Oliver, who will have you crying “Right On! And Michele Bachmann, who will just have you crying. Watch their comedy videos below:

1. Stephen Colbert tells straight couples they are now in danger of being attacked by “sweaty man meat”. Watch Stephen be Stephen below:

2. Pat Robertson, one of the few men I know who is a living caricature of himself, speculated on whether the aging Justice Kennedy had been manipulated into striking down DOMA by his sneaky gay clerks. Watch below:

3. Rick Santorum continues his “everybody’s picking on us bigots” whine, warning the DOMA “craziness” threatens freedom. (I think he means his freedom to be bigoted.)

4. Michele Bachmann says the Supreme Court has no jurisdiction to address marriage, because though they may think so, the “Supreme Court has not yet arisen to the level of God.”

5. John Oliver pokes gentle fun at equally gentle Justice Scalia and everything “argle bargle.”

Stephen Colbert’s photo from Wikipedia

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