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Watch: CPAC Audience Boos Homophobe Off The Stage

by David Badash on February 19, 2010

in Bigotry Watch,News

Post image for Watch: CPAC Audience Boos Homophobe Off The Stage


I literally just spent an hour on Twitter arguing that CPAC hates gays. My point was that as an organization, CPAC hates the LGBTQ community, and I won’t back down from that. If you go to CPAC’s site, the overwhelming majority of co-sponsors and exhibitors are anti-LGBTQ equality. And, as I wrote earlier today, Rep. Mike Pence wants the Constitution to ban same-sex marriage “if need be.” Whatever that means.

There is no other word possible than “hate.”

And Ryan Sorba, of the California Young Americans For Freedom makes my case, as he tells his audience he is denouncing CPAC for allowing GOProud (he says, “Go Pride”) to attend.

But here’s where it gets… weird. In a good way.

The crowd shouts him down. They literally boo him off the stage.

Sorba shouts, “The lesbians at Smith College protest better than you.” Curious, I had to find out what that meant. Here’s what that meant.

Sorba pulled the same bull two years ago, at Smith College. Seems he takes it as a badge of honor to get booed off a stage. Pam Spaulding wrote about the Smith College incident when it happened.

Unsurprisingly, in researching this, I keep reading about “Sorba’s upcoming book, “The born gay hoax,” but can’t find it anywhere, not even on Amazon. The best I can find is this page on Amazon’s Askville: “Does Amazon carry any books by Ryan Sorba?

Maybe we can end the week on a good note. Maybe there is hope for everyone.

P.S. More on the Twitter battle later. @GayPatriot — a gay Republican who writes the blog “Gaypatriot” — has agreed to a blog debate with me!

(Hattip to my buddy @krwlos1 for leading me to video, and to Media Matters for publishing it!)

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krwlos1 February 19, 2010 at 11:53 pm

happy to help! it's a shame that sorba dude is so ugly on the inside, cause what's on the outside ain't half bad.

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