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Watch: Rachel Maddow Battles Top Right Wing Conservatives On DOMA Ruling — And Wins.

by David Badash on July 1, 2013

in Marriage,News,Politics,Religion

Post image for Watch: Rachel Maddow Battles Top Right Wing Conservatives On DOMA Ruling — And Wins.

On NBC’s “Meet The Press” yesterday, in a debate over the Supreme Court’s historic rulings on marriage equality, MSNBC anchor Rachel Maddow battled two top Republican religious conservatives — and won. On the show were former U.S. Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC), now the head of the Heritage Foundation, and Ralph Reed, former (and disgraced) head of the Christian Coalition, now the head of the Faith and Freedom Coalition. NBC’s David Gregory, in rare moments of holding the right accountable, stepped in the hold their feet while Maddow slammed their arguments with facts.

Jim DeMint claimed that Supreme Court justice Anthony Kennedy “is denying dignity to the millions of Americans who, for moral or religious reasons, believe that gay marriage is wrong.” DeMint was responding to NBC’s Pete Williams’ comment that Kennedy used the word “dignity” ten times in his ruling.

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“As you just said, you’ve got 37 states where the people have decided that they want to protect the marriage between a man and a woman because they know that that’s the environment where children can thrive and succeed,” DeMint added. “I mean, that’s been proven. So it’s not about the desires of adults, it’s really about the best environment for children. We’re talking all about politics, but the reason governments at the state level and the federal level have recognized marriage between a man and a woman is because it’s better for our country and it’s better for children.”

But Maddow would not let that stand.

“Justice Kennedy addressed that issue specifically in his ruling,” she responded. “He says that by denying marriage rights to same-sex couples who have kids, you’re humiliating and demeaning those kids. By denying their families equal protection under the law by the parents who are raising them and who love them and who make their family. So we can put it in the interests of children, but I think that cuts both ways. And the ruling cuts against that argument. I mean, gay people exist. There’s nothing we can do in public policy can do to make more of us exist or less of us exist. And you guys for a generation have argued that public policy ought to demean gay people as a way of expressing disapproval of the fact that we exist. But you don’t make any less of us exist, you are just arguing for more discrimination. And more discrimination doesn’t make straight people’s lives any better.”

Later, Ralph Reed tried to claim the left, or, certainly, Maddow, was calling the anti-gay, pro-discrimination right “bigots.” Maddow deftly denied that charge.

Then Rep. Tim Huelskamp, who says he will introduce an amendment to the constitution banning same-sexz marriage, played fast and loose with “research.”

“The research is very clear that the ideal for raising our children should be the issue here.”

But David Gregory had enough and wasn’t going to allow any more fact-twisting.

“Children tend to prosper in homes where there is a loving marriage,” Gregory responded. “There is really not evidence to suggest that if you are a same-sex couple or a heterosexual couple that it makes one difference one way or the other.”

Huelskamp butted in:

“Well actually the research does not show that, actually the research is very clear as we have indicated here, but…”

“No, no,” Gregory interjected. “Everybody throws that out, but the research actually shows that in broken homes, it hurts the children. Which I think most people would say that would be true of same-sex couples or heterosexual couples. We don’t really know, do we? But we do have a sense that loving marriages provide a good family life for children, right?”


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fpcinnyc July 1, 2013 at 10:34 am

Finally! Someone to talk back to these idiots!

Alex_Parrish July 1, 2013 at 10:38 am

We need more of this; holding the haters to account. More! more!

sdfrenchie July 1, 2013 at 12:33 pm

Even so, it's pretty useless to talk to these morons. They are firm in their beliefs and bigotry and absolutely refuse to realize that all Americans deserve equal rights in everything – not just marriage equality. The Constitution guarantees those rights yet the hate groups, which have been around since well before the Civil War, have denied those rights to anyone who does not believe as they believe. This nation is less than three centuries new. The founding fathers, much misquoted and misrepresented by the ding-bat extreme right, made certain things very clear, especially every American's inalienable rights.

All it has taken was enough of the radicals to bring their idea of God into American legislature to hold anyone back with the excuse that God told them what is right to accept and what is wrong. So we have been ruled by religion from the beginning even though that sort of ruling was forbidden by our Constitution. It has taken all this time to overturn these discriminatory actions taken against certain groups and we're still not finished cleaning up the mess the religious right has made of our nation.

While they hide behind God and Jesus, it's taken all this time for us to wise up that we're being screwed by the God and what they think Jesus feels about us. But enough of us have drifted away from the control of our various religions to realize how wrong they were to make laws based on religion when they continually changed the meaning of the Christian religion to suit their bigotry and hatred for falling too far away from the tree.

It's great that we have people like Rachel Maddow and David Gregory to speak on our behalves. But the hate groups will walk away without having changed their convictions one iota. At this point, who cares how many tantrums they throw or how many amendments they try to throw in on the Constitution to have it their way. We as a nation are too smart to put up with their crap any longer and, thankfully, there are enough politicians to block them from their further destruction of this nation and the rights of the people.

fefeeley412 July 1, 2013 at 12:34 pm

Its so funny to watch these 'faith based' groups get nailed and squirm from a homosexual that was once shunned by them and now sits at the table with them. It takes guts to sit across from someone who hates you and I have to applaud Rachel Maddow and her ability to sit there politely when I would have been waiting like a boxer to roll into that conversation. The Christian right is so pissed off that people, especially gay people, are no longer afraid of them or their message and are simply ignoring them. Sure, they'll double down and rail and wail against the inevitable tide that is bringing equality across the nation like a tsunami, but in the end, equality will win out. It has to because being equal in the eyes of the law isn't something someone should ask for, but as a citizen, should be demanded. Its our birthright and it must suck for the Christian right ,to be outnumbered by people who reject the message of bigotry enshrined in law.

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