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Why Would NOM President Brian Brown Attend Gingrich DC Fundraiser?

by David Badash on December 9, 2011

in News,Politics,Religion

Post image for Why Would NOM President Brian Brown Attend Gingrich DC Fundraiser?

Brian Brown, the president of NOM, the National Organization For Marriage, Wednesday night attended a Washington, D.C. fundraiser for GOP presidential candidate Newt Gingrich, and everyone is asking the question: Why would the president of an organization supposedly created to “protect marriage” support a candidate who is a serial adulterer, and on his third marriage? Shouldn’t that be an automatic disqualifier?

It is an entirely hypocritical conundrum. Gingrich, perhaps next to Donald Trump, is one of the last Americans that anyone with a mind for legitimacy and honesty, can see as a candidate NOM could support or endorse.

And then there’s the question of assault…

This news comes via Joe Jervis, aka Joe My God, whose reader tipped him to Keith Olbermann’s story last night with video footage of Occupy Movement protestors crashing the Gingrich fundraiser and — get this — NOM president Brian Brown attacking the cameraman!

“Newt Gingrich would like to remind everybody that that marriage is between one man and one woman whom you abandon riddled with cancer on her hospital bed while you fuck the shit out of your mistress whom you later marry and cheat on with a third woman while screaming with Godly moral outrage about the infidelities of the president,” Jervis writes.

That’s right, apparently it’s very Christian to attack someone when they’ve got a camera filming you in a place you know if word got out you attended, people would certainly be curious as to why you were there.

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